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Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Before I tell of my experience, I would like to say I do not claim in any way, shape or form to be psychic. Though some people believe we all have psychic abilities-if I do, I am very much unaware of them. Except for once! I have never before, or after the psychic dream, had anything remotely similar happen.

Location: Kelowna, BC Late 1980’s

My best friend, Laura, was on lunch break (she was a social worker and worked for a Women’s Shelter in Kelowna). She picked me up and we were sitting outside of Subway in her Pinto getting ready to enjoy our lunch. The radio was on, and a story came on that told of a recent find of a partial skeleton-male, between the ages of 14 – 18 they believed. Some bones were missing, probably carried off by animals. His bones were found on Knox Mountain, located in Kelowna, an area that I had never visited.

A lot of us become desensitized to the news, but this story bothered me for some reason. I couldn’t eat, I felt nauseous and this weight of sadness overwhelmed me. This lousy feeling followed me all afternoon. Generally my life was great, especially around this time. I was in an all female metal band and life was just rockin’. That night I played the drums for a bit, then crashed for the night. At around 8:30 am I awoke with a scream, jumped out of bed and stood shaking for a few minutes. I had had what I thought at the time, a harsh nightmare. I dreamed that the boy found on Knox Mountain was murdered by a local schoolteacher that he knew. I dreamed what he looked like, but what was most fascinating was that his address (street name and number) flashed in my dream-almost continually. I saw what his house looked like and a white rose trestle was parked at the front of a walkway. The part that frightened me was that I went to his house(to do my own investigating), and when he came to the door, I saw in his eyes that he knew that I knew what he’d done and he stepped towards me. I started running across peoples lawns-I knew he was going to kill me. I ran and ran and when he was nearly upon me and his hand reached out to grab me I woke up. I was terrified!

I told Laura and immediately she suggested I call the police. Although I always believed in a higher power, Laura was very religious and believed that God may have given me that information in my dream to help this unidentified person in some way. My thinking was they’d think they were talking to a crackpot. So, I didn’t call the police immediately. Instead, we got a city map and looked to see where the street was located that flashed so much in my dream. We both were a bit freaked out when we saw it was near the bottom of Knox Mountain. I had to plead with her to take me up to Knox Mountain. I wanted to see if we could find the house from my dream, and to go up the mountain to see where the skeletal remains were found.

We went up the mountain, parked and began walking around. We saw some yellow crime scene tape, and not much else, We just walked the area for another 15 minutes or so until I stumbled across a long bone. I remembered that there were some missing bones. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around the bone. We traveled down and turned onto the street we were looking for. We drove slowly looking for house numbers. I looked up ahead and I didn’t need to see the house number – I saw the exact house in my dream, white rose trestle in front of the walkway and all. I was really freaked out now – I couldn’t believe this was becoming real. Scared wasn’t the word for it.

Laura protested when I said I was going to go knock on the door.As frightened as I was, I had to know if it would be the same face my dream showed me. With legs like jelly I managed to get to the front door. I would ask for someone else if he answered pretending I had the wrong address.I knocked, and it wasn’t long before the door opened – and there stood the man-the murderer. I stammered something, and returned to the vehicle. I had described him to Laura to a tee earlier, and she could see him from the car. As we left, we drove in astonished silence most of the way home.We were both pretty shook up.

I called the police the minute we got in. They sent someone to pick up the bone, and hear my dream. I wasn’t shocked to hear they were already investigating this man-a highschool teacher, who had been caught previously of luring young boys up to Knox Mountain for his sick pleasure. Though he had never killed anyone that they knew of.

I wish I could say my dream helped solve the case. It didn’t. He was never charged-I don’t have any doubt he is a murderer, the remains were still not claimed even a decade later the last time I inquired. The bone I found was from an animal. It breaks my heart that this young kid was never claimed-especially since I have a son now-probably in the same age range as that boy was. That has always bothered me. I don’t know why I had a dream that came true, especially when nothing positive came out of it. I often wonder if I may have crossed paths with this kid when he was alive.

I will never understand the ‘why’ of it and never want another experience like that again. Would love to know if any of you have had a similar experience!

Sent in by Kim Corbett, Copyright 2009

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