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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ghost Pic in Nashville TN Cemetery

I was at an old civil war cemetery in Nashville TN one late morning and had my camera out and taking random pictures. It was an over cast day and about 11 am. After returning home and looking at the photo's this one caught my eye. There is something (looks like a head of a person to me) above one of the tombstones.

I returned a couple of days later to find the same location I took the picture and tried as best I could to re-create the photo to see it was in the picture a second time. It was not. As you can see, what ever it was over the headstone completely blocked out the dark headstone behind it.

I went over to the location of the stone to see if maybe tree limbs were hanging down to make this, and there were no tree limbs anywhere near the headstones.

You can use this pic if you would like to on your site.


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