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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ghosts of Italy

Shrouded Ladies - According to a survey conducted in the 1970's, there have been many reports of ghostly "shrouded ladies" in Italy. They come in a variety of shroud colour and are generally characterized as sensuous spirits, practicing in death the same kind of loose lifestile they did when they were alive. This is ironic, since the "shrouded lady" statue often placed as a funerary monument in old Italian graveyards supposedly represents faith and chastity.

Ghosts in Turin - In the Royal Palace of Turin, there are said to be three or four ghosts, including a "royal dame in a pale dress with a long tail" and a ghost said to forewarn with his apparitions of imminent disasters and tragedies. Turin has a vast network of underground tunnels. Is there any truth in the claim that the point at which these tunnels converge marks the gate to Hell? Who knows.

The Via Bava Poltergeist - In 1900, this famous case was the starting point for a haunting craze that prompted a survey of the most significant hauntings in the Turin Area by psychic researchers and antiquarians, leading to the collection of a corpus of "classic" hauntings. According to witnesses, in the basement of a building in Via Bava n.6, strange noises could be heard at night, accompanied by small lights, objects moving inexplicably, bottles flying from one shelf to the other and further various phenomena. Experts attributed this phenomena to the product of "forces unleashed by conflictual unconscious circumstances in young boys and girls."

Palazzo Madama - Two ghosts have been reported here: one haunting the main staircase, plus various presences discontinuously signalled in the dungeons

Calabria - In the mountains - A mysterious white light has been seen glowing at night. There have also been reports of a very pale woman clad in a white dress walking around briefly, then disappearing around midnight.

Florence - Pensione Burchianti - A small, pinkish male ghost has been seen in the frescoed room (where Mussolini once stayed), as well as the sensation of icy cold breath on people's faces, the feeling of someone sitting on the bed, and the feeling of being watched when there's no one there. A child ghost has also been spotted wandering throughout the halls, as well as a maid ghost that will clean rooms at night, and an old woman sitting knitting in a rocking chair. The owner of will not stay there at night because of all these ghostly occurrences.

Forio - Island of Ischia - In an old villa at the end of Via Spinavola, on Easter morning you will see a short looking ghost walk up the outside stairs to the balcony. Apparently, the man that owned the home in the 60`s committed suicide on Easter morning by drinking rat poison because his gay friend left him for another man. The ghostly apparition appears in short form because in the late 70`s, the 3rd floor was raised 18 inches during renovations.

Northern Italy - Lucedio Monestary - This building is reputed to be haunted by ghostly monks and people who were sacrificed. There were footsteps heard, apparitions were seen and strange sounds were heard.

Pompeii - The ancient Roman city where a volcano erupted, burying the city compltely and killing 2,000 people in ancient times. There have been reports of screams, mysterious shadows, and odours of sulphur here.

Florence - Belvedere Fort - On the other side of the Arno River lies a plot developed after the Industrial Revolution. Witches were burned there at the stake; there have also been many incarcerations, exiles, murders--during the night, the maze-like streets become alive with paranormal energy. Footsteps have been heard in the dark on a deserted cobbled street. Voices have been heard in empty alleyways. The Belvedere Fort itself is a brick edifice that had once divided the outlying country from the inner city in the Middle Ages. Ghosts walk beside the wall, vanishing beneath the street lamps before reappearing again. Children's laughter and singing has also been heard.

Rome - The Coliseum - At night, strange noises of swords clashing, horses snorting and the sounds of chariots running at the coliseum have been heard. Once, as a woman was leaving at night, she felt her hair being grabbed and pulled back into the coliseum.

Rome - There are many old ancient Roman housing areas surrounding the Forum in Rome. At night, when it is all quiet, you can look down over the barriers into the arches and discern shadowy figures walking around. These strange forms are mostly just memories of the past or lasting imprints, rather than being anybody with "unfinished business". These spirits are hard to find because most of Rome is lit up at night, but sometimes you can find a rare unlit section of ruins, and watch these ghostly apparitions.

Sicily - Palermo Catacombs - There are corpses here which hang on the walls . . . and sometimes move slightly. When you pass by them, they will be in one position, and when you pass by them again, they will move. In one of the rooms, you can here the sound of whistling and people talking amongst themselves. When you walk through the main door, you experience a very cold, uneasy feeling.

Venice - While walking in small groups after dark, it is possible to get trapped in a time loop. There are also many places where you can see ghostly people lurking in the shadows, although they will usually disappear when they realize they are being observed!

Venice - Island of No Return - There have been many reports of disembodied voices, footsteps, sounds, and an overwhelming sense of evil on the island. Local residents are very reluctant to travel there late at night.

Venice - Poveglia - This island is closed to tourists. It was originally a self-governing island hundreds of years ago before being taken over by Italy. During the black plague, Poveglia was where the dead bodies - and even those who were still alive - were unceremoniously dumped. They were put into "plague pits" where thousands of bodies and still-living victims of the disease were thrown in and either buried, burned or just left in the open to rot away. Many years later, a hospital was constructed by a doctor who tortured and experimented on mental patients. The hospital, his office and the crematorium, are still standing. The island is used for farming only, and no tourists are permitted on the island. However, some psychics have received special permission to visit . . . and even they have reported experiencing deep unease and fear in the place.

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