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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haunted Bridge Black Dog

I write this story in hope of gaining some answers into a couple of strange occurrences that have happened to me in the last couple of weeks. I’m currently living in Australia, and although I do believe in the paranormal I have never in my 26 years experienced anything of that nature until recently.

I like to keep myself fit so I often go jogging whenever I can, unfortunately because of the heat I can only do so in the evenings when it cools down. One evening I was running my usual route which is around a block of streets which form a kind of a huge rectangular track. I always noticed that at one of these corners there is a small dirt road that veers off and leads to a dead end about 100 – 150 m up. About half way up this track is an old stone bridge that crosses over the track. It’s been mostly demolished now and what is left basically looks like a huge arch. Why they have left that one part standing I don’t know.

However this particular evening I decided to run down this dirt track and as I got closer to the bridge I started to hear a low growling noise like a dog. I couldn’t quite tell where it was coming from just it was up ahead somewhere. I stopped running and stood there trying to look for the source of the sound, but it had stopped. I started jogging again in the same direction and the growling returned. I stopped again. I still couldn’t see anything up ahead but the day light was fading fast and I decided just to turn back.

Two days later I was out jogging again. This time I had my ipod and head phones, it was late evening but still not to dark. I headed up this old track again singing along to whatever track was playing on my ipod and as I passed under the arch of the old bridge I had this strange feeling I had just entered somewhere I didn’t belong, that’s the only way I can explain this feeling. I kept going another 50 meters or so to the dead end then turned around and started heading back all the while having this very uncomfortable feeling.

As I passed back under the bridge again I saw out the corner of my eye sudden movement. I turned my head and saw a big black dog running at me. It was only a few meters away at this point. It gave me such a fright I just closed my eyes and just braced myself for impact but then nothing happened. I opened my eyes and spun around, ripped out my earphones, adrenaline pumping, but the dog wasn’t there. At this point I just took off at full place until I got back onto the street.

I haven’t ventured that way since but have been very curious about that area since, not enough to go back down there though even during the day. What are anyone’s thoughts on this?

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