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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haunted Chester

Chester ghosts

Chester is one of Britain's most ancient cities, and is particularly noted for its many historical buildings and attractions, especially in regard to the Romans. Not surprisngly, with all this history, Chester has earned a reputation for being the UK's most haunted city.

Over the years, there have been many reports of all kinds of ghostly sightings and other paranormal phenomena. With its narrow streets and alleyways, not to mention its fascinating crypts and cellars - many of which are situated beneath popular shops, pubs and restaurants - Chester can certainly offer a compelling record of well-documented ghosts, hauntings, apparitions, spooks and poltergeists from almost every century across two thousand years.

Below are just some of the places in Chester that are said to harbour various ghosts and poltergeists:

1. Thornton's Chocolate Shop, Eastgate Street - Three ghosts are said to haunt this shop: a poltergeist known as "Sarah," who was jilted on her wedding day, and is the best known spirit in Chester. She is said to move objects and shove people when they are on the stairs; the ghost of a large jovial-looking man dressed in an apron, who has been seen in various parts of the building; and finally, the third paranormal entity is described as an "insubstantial, almost invisible, male spirit."

2. W.H. Samuel's, Foregate Street - This jeweller's store is reputed to be haunted by a ghost called "George." Staff working there have experienced many strange things, which they attribute to this entity known as George.

3. Watergates Crypt, Watergate Street - The ghost of a long dead seaman is said to roam around this wine bar.

4. Watergate Row - The ghost of a faceless cowled monk has been seen here by a mother and daughter living in an old house there.

5. Ye Olde King's Head, Lower Bridge Street - A spectral child is said to haunt this old pub, in particular bedroom no. 4.

6. Bookland, Bridge Street - This popular bookstore is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Victorian apprentice boy, who fell on stone steps at the back of the medieval crypt. The boy's spirit has also been experienced upstairs in the tea room.

7. Boot Inn, Eastgate Row North - This was once Chester's most notorious brothel. It is claimed by staff and customers that ghostly female moans and laughter occasionally resonate through the pub.

8. The Bingo Hall, Brook Street - An entity known as "Old George" is said to walk this building. Inexplicable thumps and crashes have been heard up in the attic, and a shape in a tweed jacket has been seen on the balcony, but vanishes when approached by anybody.

9. The Pied Bull, Northgate Street - Said to be one of the most haunted pubs in Britain, The Pied Bull was the subject of an investigation by the TV show Whines and Spirits, which is presented by Most Haunted's Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell. Ghosts are said to haunt the 12 rooms, and the pub's cellar is said to be spookiest place, with staff refusing to even venture down there!

10. 13 Watergate Street - A typical example of a poltergeist haunting. Brushes, cards, kettles and glass vases all move by themselves, phenomena that has been experienced by various customers.

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