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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hauntings in the old Yesler Terrace Apartments

Yesler Terrace Apartments

I was a young divorced mother with very little money when an organization helped me secure public housing which was 30% of my income a month. These places were called Yesler Terrace and they were converted from military homes to two to four bedroom units. When I first stepped into the fairly big and spacious two bedroom unit I got a real eerie feeling and started to cry. I didn’t know where these tears were coming from but on the car ride back to the place I was temporarily staying at my father says to me, “You have no other choice right now because you have very little money. Just think of it as a temporary place while you finish school; you’ll find some thing else in the near future.” So I “sucked it up” and my daughter and I moved in the following month.

The first event happened downstairs in the living room early one morning. I never felt easy sleeping in the rooms upstairs so my daughter and I slept on the couch in front of the TV. I awoke to the answering machine coming on but when it got to the beep there was no answer and then I remembered that I never heard the phone ring which would usually wake me up.

I got up, my daughter still sleeping and went to check the phone to see if the ringer was off. No; it was on and as I sat the phone back on the floor and started to head back to the couch it went off again. Now I was freaked! Then the TV started to fuzz and the volume turned very loudly. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs, “this is my place now and you aren’t welcome here anymore!” I don’t know where the courage came from but it did silence every thing right away.

My daughter and I stayed there for years with similar things happening but we got used to it and we actually liked staying there until the final event that made us decide to move. It was when I got remarried and had my son. One night I had laid the kids down to rest and I was talking on the phone to my sister. My son was about one year old at this time and he started to scream and scream. I ran up stairs and turned on the lights to see my son getting yanked around the bed. I yelled “let him go you will not hurt my babies!” I grabbed my son and my daughter followed behind me; we slept on the couch until my husband got home from work.

I was telling him about it and the following morning when I was bathing my son I saw two tooth marks on his back! My husband and I freaked and we moved out within the next two months. We also had him blessed so it wouldn’t follow us.

When I pass by that old place I look up into the hallway window and get a chill deep down. I have enjoyed reading your stories hopefully you will enjoy mine. This is a true story and If you are interested I have some more. Thank you

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