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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is It Possible To Carry Spirits With You?

Is it possible to carry a spirit or multiple spirits with you? I believe my ex-girlfriend does. I’ve experienced things that cannot be explained, and I’m not lying!

When my ex and I were together, we lived in a house with her mother and little sister. There was an abandoned house next door. One night, when my ex and I got home and started walking up the path to the front door, all of a sudden music started playing from the house next door! Remember, this house is empty. Then as we kept walking, a very bright white light showed up out of nowhere and illuminated the whole house. So at that point we could see clearly into the house. We could see shadow people walking around inside the house and on the porch. And we could also hear them talking. I stopped to look to see if I could see their faces but I couldn’t. This is going to sound strange but eventually one of the shadow people invited me to come over. I don’t know if I was in some kind of trance or what but I started to walk over there but my ex grabbed my arm to stop me and we then went into the house.

Another time, it was night time and my ex’s mother and sister were gone and my ex and I were upstairs in our bedroom sleeping. All of a sudden a voice was calling my name waking me up. It sounded very clear like it was in the same room we were in. I tried to wake up my ex but she wouldn’t wake up. I finally answered the voice and it told me to come downstairs. Our bedroom was right next to the top of the stairs so all I did was poke my head out of the door and looked downstairs but it was completely dark! I immediately closed the door and took our desk chair and propped it up against the door and went back to bed.

The last story includes my ex and I laying down in bed taking a nap but this time it was during the day. I wake up to hearing someone whispering. It sounded like it was coming from directly behind me (I was laying on my side). I look at my ex because she was talking while still having her eyes closed (She was laying on her side facing me). She kept saying things like “No” and “I told you I said no.” Everytime she would say that, I would hear the whispering from behind me but I could never understand what it was saying. Then when she said no for the last time, I heard the voice say very clearly, “F**K YOU!” By then I jumped up to look but of course no one was there.

Also at night, I would look at the bottom of my bedroom door and always see feet standing outside my door. That always freaked me out! For those who believe in ghosts will find these stories true. Others might be skeptical but I have no reason to lie. My ex’s best friend told me about a similar experience (Voice calling her name) she had while spending the night at my ex’s house when they were younger. So, maybe it is true… you can carry a spirit or spirits with you.

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