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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Man Without A Face


I am writing to you to tell you about an extremely weird experience.

I had with a really good friend of mine about 9 years ago. Well, at that time, we loved anything that had to do with the outdoors, like riding 4-wheelers, going for walks, and making forts. Well, it was a hot summer day, just started out like any other day. We were busy making a fort in these woods that were located in the woods behind my parents house. We were out there for probably a couple of hours or so when we decided that we should get going home because it was going to get dark out any time soon. So we packed up and got ready to leave.

Well just as we both looked up, we noticed a man, in a orange hunters suit, but the strange thing..hehad no face! It was all black where his face was supposed to be!

I know this sounds so strange but it is the solid truth.

Well, after we seen him, we both started running towards the trail to get home, and we ran and ran, until we reached my friend's house. We never stopped running the whole way back and we never spoke of what we saw until the next day.

When I seen her the following day, I asked, did that really happen? It was so un-real, and unexplained to me, that it felt like I was in a dream! But, when I asked her, I was hoping that she would say I was crazy and that never had happened, but she said just the opposite!

It did in fact happen, and both of us will never forget the Hunter Man for the rest of our lives!!!!!

From Karianne

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