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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Demon Visitor

This was about two summers ago. So in 2007, it was summer time and we had a big thunderstorm. I was at my Grandmas house and we chose to all go out on the porch to watch the storm. The porch was covered so we didn’t have to worry about the rain. Everyone wanted to go inside but my mom and I really wanted to stay and watch so we did so. My Mom was cold and asked me to go grab her a blanket so I did so.

When I came back I handed her the blanket and sat down. She was unfolding the blanket and covering herself while I looked out into the distance. I saw some type of shadow walking, it looked human but my grandmas property was all fenced off. Lightening struck and I saw the shadows face. It had a blood red face with yellow sharp gagged teeth and black scratches all over its face. It’s fingers were long with long black nails at the end of each. The demon wore a black long robe with the hood up and it looked weathered. He laughed the most wicked laugh I have ever heard and said I quote “Go to hell, I’m going to kill you.”

I looked at my mom and asked if she saw and she said “no?” she sounded confused. I told her we need to go in the house right away and she listened and walked inside with me. I closed my eyes for a minute and I saw his face. I felt like going home because I didn’t feel safe. About an hour later we went home.

The next day we came back to my grandmas and my grandparents then told me the house next door had caught on fire. And after we left lightening struck their backyard. If my mom and I had stayed outside we could have died. I pulled my mom into the guest room and told her everything.

From that day forward I have seen the demon every night. It started where he would be in my dreams but than progressed so I would see him when I was up too. Just this year in July 2009 we moved to a new home. Everything went away for awhile than one night I woke up to that wicked laugh again. I was scared and opened my eyes slowly. There he was sitting across the room in my reading chair. I turned on the light and he was gone. I then fell back to sleep with the light on. I’ve seen him ever since.

I don’t know why this demon picked me. But I have faith that God will help me. I have never been someone who believed that paranormal things could happen till this happened to me.

Sent in by Cassidy McCormick, Copyright 2010

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