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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Guardian Angel

This story took place when I was 13 years old. My family was still grieving over the death of my cousin who had been gunned down in front of his house on march, 25. I would always catch myself seeing his face when I closed my eyes or feeling something standing very close behind or next to me. But there were two occasions that kinda freaked me out, both happening at night.

I was about 2:55 in the morning when I laid down to go to sleep. As I was laying in the bed I kept hearing a faint tapping noise that seemed to be coming from my dresser. Every time I would look over at my dresser the noise would stop. After a few minutes the noises still wouldn’t go away and being that I was getting kinda tired and wanted the noise to stop I got up to go see what was making that annoying noise. When I got over to my dresser the noises stopped, as I turned around to get back in bed they started again. As I turned back around to see what they were there was a figure of a man standing in my mirror, this would have normally scared someone but what made me stop and stare was that the figure was pointing at a picture on my dresser then he slowly faded away.

When the figure was completely gone I was still standing in the same spot stuck, then earth finally came back to me and I picked up the picture that the figure was pointing at and looked at it. It was the picture of my cousin that had been shot and killed! I quickly put the picture back down and got back in the bed. the noises stopped after that and I fell asleep unwillingly.

The second thing that happened was an experience that I’ll always remember. I was laying in my bed reading when I felt a little gush of cold air hit my neck, and being that it was summer and very hot I was pretty sure that it wasn’t the wind. Then suddenly I got goose bumps and my lamp went out. By now I was scared and wanted to leave my room but it felt like I was glued to the bed and all I could do was sit there. Then suddenly I heard a faint voice barely above a whisper say, “I’ll always love you.”

Usually when you hear a strange voice in your room you get scared but a feeling of calmness came over me and I whispered back, “I love you too.” A few minutes passed by and I didn’t hear anything but my own breathing. Then I felt a cold hand grab mine and another one touch my arm then in a voice that was very low and calm I heard a very familiar voice say, “were ever you go your big because will always be there,” and with that the voice and the cold hands were gone. I sat staring into space for a minute, then for no real reason I said, “I know you will ’til the end of time.”

Ever since that night I know that he is out there watching over me and my family. Every time I was in any type of situation he would always guide me through or help me out of it. On some nights if I’m still up at 3:00 I look over at my mirror and he is always there watching me. He is my guardian angel.

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