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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Nazi Bell Craft Reality or Myth?

German Vril Flying Saucer

The Third Reich. Those of all ages, but especially anyone who was affected by the many atrocities, understandably have very strong emotions when hearing those three words. From 1933 until 1945, this monstrous regime led by Adolf Hitler exterminated those who they felt were useless. Hitler believed those of the Hebrew faith were the biggest threat to his plan for a perfect race of people… the Aryan race. More than six million Jewish men, women, and children lost their lives because of the madness of this administration… along with anyone who helped them.

Hitler wanted the best scientists and engineers at his disposal… always looking for the next most sophisticated weapon in his quest for absolute power. One craft in particular was thought to have harnessed the power of time/space manipulation… although any records or proof of this craft have yet to be found. It’s name, according to Igor Witkowski, a Polish journalist and historian of military and aerospace technology… the “Die Glocke” or “The Bell”… for the bell-shape of the craft itself. It was first spoken of in his book, “Prawda O Wunderwaffe” in 2000, which translates to “the truth of the secret weapon”.Did the SS scientists, while housed in the large building known as “Der Reise” (literally meaning, “the giant”) come up with a craft that could have possibly defied gravity and been able to manipulate time and space? While there is no hard core evidence that this device was a reality, Witowski insists that this craft was indeed created here. In his claims, Witowski has stated his source must be kept confidential… that this person showed him transcripts of information obtained by SS General Jakob Sporrenberg during apparent questioning by the KGB. General Sporrenberg was a chief organizer in the horror that was to become known as Aktion Erntefest, or Operation Harvest Festival, a mass killing of Jewish prisoners that was ordered out of fear of an uprising. Witowski said he received this information in 1997… and while there is no actual proof it is true, it certainly gives the mind something to think about.

According to this source, Sporrenberg gave information to officials during his imprisonment in Poland that Die Glocke did exist… and that it was part of a secret program involving scientists, engineers, military experts… all looking for the perfect weapon. The Bell apparently not only had the power as a radiation device… when filled with a mercury like substance it would produce radiation so intense that scientists and test subjects such as animals were said to have died… but it is also thought to have mastered how to manipulate time and space… perhaps even time travel itself. If functional, it could defy gravity and manipulate time to where the enemy wouldn’t even see the attack coming. A weapon that could hide behind the shield of time… was it even possible, let alone probable?

With human technology… something like this would take years, if not centuries to perfect… if indeed ever. What some have claimed however is that Hitler and his Third Reich may have had outside help… possibly from out of this world. One society in particular, founded on a concept in Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s 1871 novel, “The Coming Race”, called the Vril, were said to have been instrumental in aiding with Nazi warcraft… and the reason that this technology seemed so advanced was because Hitler and his entire philosophy were instruments of another race… from another world.

In this book, Bulwer-Lytton describes a superior race of beings known as the Vril… much as Hitler pushed for his perfect Aryan race. The leaders of this race were said to be dwelling in the “hollow earth,” and it is thought that Hitler had many operations going on underground… including escape routes to Antarctica. Even if the Vril didn’t exist, it’s not beyond possibility for Hitler to have read this text… and taken it upon himself to engineer this master race. The technology of the Nazi weapons was highly advanced… many have said it was very ahead of its time. Could it be possible that the reason it was so advanced was because it was a result of cooperation between the SS and the Vril-ya or the Secret Chiefs of this race of being? Were there plans for a craft that never came to light because the war ended?

That is something that is up for speculation… again, there is no proof. There usually isn’t when there is any reason to hide the truth. Example… Operation Paperclip. After the war, President Truman made a deal to take in many of the scientists and engineers that had been working in Germany… with the stipulation that there have been no active participation in Nazi war crimes. However, there were several members of the Nazi party who had been very active in the atrocities… and their entire histories were changed to pass inspection. Again… why hide the truth? Is it possible that the experiments continued here?

In Henry Stevens book “Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology”, he speaks of a very interesting conversation between the father of a friend of his and German scientist who had been part of Operation Paperclip named Otto Cemy. While Cemy wasn’t specific at first, he did show a rough example of a plan for a device used to look into the past and witness things as they happened. According to this book, Cemy said that it was only possible to look backward and not forward with this device. Considering the fate of the Nazi regime… that’s just a bit ironic.

And what of Operation Paperclip? What technology did these scientists possess that made them indispensable? Could many of the UFO sightings since the late 1940’s actually be originating from our planet? It is certainly another way to look at what some of this spacecraft might be… and inspire questions as to what this craft is for. Weapons for the next war… or communication with other worlds?

There is no doubt that the Third Reich was one of the darkest marks on the history of mankind. The world now sees Hitler as an insane, delusional dictator who, just when his people needed a leader the most… when the wolves were at the door… took the coward’s way out and committed suicide. And perhaps it is a way to cop out… to literally say that he wasn’t human and was part of a plan to turn the world into a playground for another race of being. However, the concept itself could have been very real to a number of people in power… and the power of belief is an incredible thing. If nothing else, that belief could have been instrumental in many of the sadistic decisions made by the leaders of this administration.

Any thoughts or possibilities presented in this article are in no way to “explain away” the horror of the Nazi regime. From this world or any other… the idea of a superior race is one of intolerance.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2010

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