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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is inexorably associated with time travel, UFOs, missing time and wormholes. Credible witnesses to the effects of the Bermuda Triangle have been witnessed by Charles Lindbergh to Christopher Columbus. When Charles Lindbergh was making a nonstop flight from Havana to St. Louis his magnetic compass started rotating. His Earth-inductor-compass needle jumped back and forth erratically. This has now all been revealed in his autobiography. Even a great pilot like Charles Lindbergh witnessed unusual events while flying in the reaches of the Bermuda Triangle.

Let me introduce you to Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic. Nancy is gifted with the sight. She has been a psychic consultant for many celebrities, she has predicted various earthquakes and recently predicted the illness of Senator Ted Kennedy.

Nancy has met many celebrities and one celebrity that really stands out is Vincent Gaddis, the man that first coined the phrase Bermuda Triangle. Nancy has been very interested in all things paranormal, especially the Bermuda Triangle.

Perhaps if we want to learn the methods of time travel, we need to investigate the Bermuda Triangle more thoroughly. Why do so many witnesses claim to see a strange fog or a strange cloud before the mishaps happen? Could we find the key to time travel in the midst of the Bermuda Triangle? Survivors of the Bermuda Triangle complain about distortions in time or missing time. What did Flight 19 - The Lost Patrol see that was so odd in the Bermuda Triangle? Where did they go? Did they enter a wormhole and land in another dimension? Did they travel back into time or forward into time? So many questions, but yet so little answers.

I have survived the Bermuda Triangle while taking a flight to Puerto Rico and later to St. Thomas for my sister's wedding. The only thing unusual that happened is when my flight hit an air pocket that made the plane shake tremendously. Some passengers even screamed.

Bruce Gernon flew his plane, a Bonanza A36 into the Bermuda Triangle and encountered a non-threatening mile and a half long Lenticular shaped cloud. When he came near this cloud, he thought it was unusual because it was so low to the water. Most Lenticular shaped clouds are high in the atmosphere. The cloud seemed to come alive. It became huge, it engulfed his plane 5 times. It became the shape of an immense squall and extended 10 miles! From a harmless Lenticular cloud it became a dangerous cumulonimbus cloud with a massive thunderhead. A tunnel opened up in the cloud and he went through this tunnel. The tunnel had cloud trails swirling around his plane. While going into this tunnel, he experienced zero gravity and the only thing keeping him in the cockpit was his seatbelt. He survived this ordeal, but it's an experience he will never forget. Was this tunnel in the cloud a wormhole?

Christopher Columbus wrote in his memoirs on how his compass acted strangely while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. He also witnessed along with another shipmate a glowing globe of light that seemed to hover over the sea. Did Columbus and his shipmate witness a UFO in the Bermuda Triangle in the year of 1492? Did the UFO help Columbus find land?

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet said that Atlantis would rise in 1968 or 1969 and in that time frame we discovered the strange roads of Bimimi. Would a great civilization like Atlantis be attracted to the unique properties of the Bermuda Triangle? Could the Bermuda Triangle also serve as an energy source for a great civilization?

What is with the clouds or the fog? When strange clouds or fog enter the Bermuda Triangle, strange things start happening. Strange fog or mist has been seen with the Philadelphia Experiment in which the USS Eldridge vanished and reappeared later miles away, with some of the crew men infused into the hull of the ship. There are reports of past armies of men disappearing into a strange mist. In 1901 Anne Moberly & Eleanor Jourdain stepped into a mist and arrived at a time period before the French Revolution. The mist and those ominous clouds must be the key to time travel or entering other dimensions.

We need teams of scientists to study this phenomenon. It's a phenomenon that may be able to open many doors literally. Perhaps we can truly find our Stargate. Right now, Gold Rush Ghosts is analyzing their case documents on the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe, just maybe Vincent Gaddis left some tidbit of information that will lead to solving this mystery.

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