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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Scary Dairy

My name is Shawn Plummer. I live in Ventura, California.

Recently my family and I tried to do some amateur paranormal investigating. I did some research in our area and came across some information about an old insane asylum and haunted dairy near by.

On Friday September 19th we decided to go to the location and try some investigating. The asylum was built in the early 1930's in Camarillo, California. It housed over 7,000 patients, from the depressed to the criminally insane.

The Billiwack dairy, known by the locals as, "The Scary Dairy", was built a short time later. It was built to be used as a form of rehabilitation for the patients. The mental patients were forced to work in the fields, the slaughter house and with the livestock. Patients were neglected and abused. It is said they performed over a hundred lobotomies a month and used electric shock thearpy frequently. The local story is the owner of the dairy went crazy one day killing his workers and later feed them the patients.

The old hospital finally closed its doors in the late 1990's. It is now a University. The staff and students of the University have had claims of paranormal actvity.

The dairy actually burned down in a fire a short time before the hospital closed it's doors. All that stands there now are the brick walls of the dairy, graffitied by local gang members and an eerie old metal barn were it is said two people have hung themselves.

When we arrived at the gate it was almost 10pm. The gate is locked at night to keep out the local youths, so we hiked the mile down a dark dirt road. Instantly you feel like something is watching you in the trees. This place was creepy. On the way up to the dairy my niece informed me her battery's died on her camera. She claims it was fully charged when we parked. The light on my boyfriends flashlight burned out soon after.

There was no moon out, so it was really dark by the time we arrived at the dairy. I was the only one with a working camera. I used a Kinolta Minolta 5 megapixel digital camera set on the auto setting. I took as many pictures as I could that night. Although we had no personal experiences, the battery drainage was enough to make me want to hurry up get back to the car and review the photos.

This is what we caught.

The Billiwack Dairy 1The Billiwack Dairy 2