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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shadow Person and Haunting in South Africa

Since I was five years old I have had an obsession with anything supernatural, not like aliens but anything that has anything to do with spirits, demons, angels, anything. I am relatively religious, and I do believe God watches over me.

For most of my life, I have always felt that I have had something with me, I have never felt alone. But it has never been good feelings. When I moved in to the house I live in now, (I live in South Africa) I experienced many things in this house. When we first moved in, about three days later, I was unpacked and feeling anxious about living in this house; if only I knew why at the time.

I went to bed that night, I cant remember the exact time, but I was woken up by a noise, as if somebody was in a hurry to get somewhere and they had jerked my mothers bedroom door open and was rushing down the passage toward the kitchen. Naturally I got a fright. I thought my mom had received an urgent phone call and was rushing out of the house. I jumped up from bed and pulled my door open and realized my mother was still safely in bed, sleeping. I was shaking and almost in tears. Many nights after that I heard running and sometimes walking late at night, on our wooden passage floor. It fooled me many times until I learned it was a spirit of some kind.

I must admit, I have been involved in the esoteric, but I have never played a Ouija board and never will, and have not gone too far into the supernatural although I drink up every bit of info or story I can. My mom always taught me to respect what we don’t know and what power they might have, that is why I cannot understand where the Shadow Person comes from.

Some nights, well, many nights, I have nightmares about these spirits. I remember one really scary dream that I have had a few times, where I am looking into a mirror, and the face staring back is my own, but you can clearly see it is evil with an evil grin and evil eyes. One night I was sleeping, and I woke up and saw a dark hooded figure in my doorway when I sat up, it was gone.

I have taken pictures in that house and there is like, a dark mist in the frame that was never there when I took the picture. Someone will take the same picture and there will be nothing there! Even pictures taken of me will have a dark mist across the frame. I have also noticed a blonde little boy following me. He is a good spirit, I know that. For some warped reason, I named him Ethan.

I have had experiences where I become paralyzed, and hear this evil laughing while I cant move, something invisible crawling on my bed and making the covers heavy, my stuff would move by itself in front of my eyes and stuff would be hauled off my dresser.

I’m used to it by now but would anybody have any advice on what to do about my Evil situation?

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