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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UFO Sighting Western Cape South Africa

I do definitely believe in these aliens, I will never forget what I’ve seen and won’t stop telling my story.

My cousin and friends and brother all were there. It was a rather late weekday afternoon in 1997, I asked my Mom a $2.00 (was a lot then) to buy chips and sweets at the aunty next door. My mother was getting annoyed with me and just gave me the money to get me away from here because I’ve been pestering her while she was doing her schoolwork. She was working in the kitchen while Tanya my sister was doing the dishes.

So off me and my friend Shanaaz went to the tuckshop. On our way back, as we reached our garden, John or Lincoln (cousin or my friend playing with tennis ball, shouted,”Guys look there!” Up there in the orange-yellow-blue sunset skies, this thing was hanging: Looked like a huge building, lots of white or yellow lights and one or two blue with red lining or edges, and a lot of windows, like a building would have.

My eyes like saucers stared with jaw on the floor – not a chance I’m gonna look away! I blinked my eyes just to check if this is for real, but this thing was standing in the air, like no one’s business! I looked at everybody around me – they’re also just staring with mouths open.

Reagan or Mario shouted, “Get a camera!” but it was too late, that “Ship” disappeared at speed unimaginable… unbelievably fast!

Goodness, Shanaaz and I ran inside and told my Mom and sister and Dad the story! My Mom and Dad or sister were not impressed at all, because they’ve all had similar experiences.

A strange eerie feeling I also can’t shake even after all this time, is the feeling of something that is missing when the ship disappeared. I just can’t seem to figure it out what it could be. I hope it’s not one of our friends they snatched and they tried to erase my memory (I know this is farfetched to say something like this!). I just wonder sometimes, is it because we live in a small town surrounded by mountains and koppies (little hills) where they can just land anywhere or do they have a place to hide and do their things when they come this way? And what do they want from us?

It’s not the first time this is happening in our town Worcester, in the Boland, Western Cape, South Africa. I know there is something out there, we are not alone.

Sent in by Bernadette, Copyright 2009

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