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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UFOs Over Orlando

I am not one given to beliefs in the paranormal. Despite my love of joking about a “belief” in aliens, I’ve never actually believed in UFOs, or in the idea that if there actually were aliens, that they’d waste their time with Earth. But, that’s changed somewhat.

It was early December, at the start of final exams. My honors class was out on the college science building at about 6 am, looking at the moon and stars and rings of Saturn and Venus and so forth (it was an astrology class). We had a site up which gave us the coordinates of all satellites currently in orbit as well.

Suddenly, I see a dot of light moving very quickly across the sky. I called attention to it, and the small group of us (four or five students and the professor) all paused and tried to turn the binoculars to it. Checking the site, we realized that it wasn’t a satellite (at least not one that was listed, anyway). This was confirmed when suddenly, the object switched courses, and started flying back in the opposite direction.

A moment later, two more dots joined it, circling around one another for a time. They then split off into three separate directions, and we lost track of them.

Our college is near the airport, and so, we can see the planes very well. Again, no plane that I know of flies in that pattern, nor does any satellite move in such a way. The nearest airforce base is an hour and a half away in Tampa, and from what I can learn, they had no flights that morning.

To this day, we have no idea what it is that we saw. I’m still hesitant to say UFO, but I’ve not yet come up with any alternative explanation.

Written by Emily Nickoloff, Copyright 2009

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